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Our Story

What inspired me, a Canadian installed in Hong Kong, to launch my own brand, Make it colourful®, was definitely the need to bring more colours to my life and my friends’ life. Make it colourful® is a mixed of Home Decoration items, Self-Protection items and Environmental ideology. These two last business orientations are taken directly from my background as a specialist in Health and Safety as well as in the Environmental matters. The Home Decoration interest comes from a long time relationship between the beauty, the colors and the harmony around me and started many years ago in China while I was designing home and filling them with unique furniture pieces for my very special customers.

I have always considered my customers like you as very special, unique and with a lot of taste. This is why I want to offer you only the best quality and want to create new products that will enlighten your life. With my association with the Australian artist Shelee Carruthers, I will ensure that only the nicest designs will be used to create furniture, housewares or anything that will come to my mind.

I have started my journey at Make it colourful® with the MacBook hardcovers because, not only they are easy to personalize, but they suits so well our children and their own ways to express themselves. I use to have more than 200 designs. I have reduced the selection to keep only the nicest and the most colourful designs. A nice laptop hardcover can also play a role in your home decoration. The children intrinsically love colours and I have noticed that we are losing this affinity with colors while aging. This is why I would really encourage my adult customers to take risks, drift away a bit from the conventional marble designs and not be shy to show your inner way.

When I started Make it colourful® in 2016, my two daughters were only 10 and 14 years old. They both have received a brand new MacBook device for their study at school. Between you and me, the grey colour of the MacBook laptop is pretty boring. I was also really scared to have to deal with repairs over repairs for this so fragile device that is so easy to drop from the slippery hands of a 10 years old. This is how Make it colourful® is born… from the simple idea to give to my children an option to personalize their own new device, and to give myself, at the same time, this security feeling that, at any time of the day, my children devices are well protected.

Then came along the other products to complete this protection such as colourful laptop sleeves, BioVibes chips against the harmful Wifi radiations and anti-blue light screen protectors. Be reassured that the efficiency of these last products has been tested and proven.

At Make it colourful®, we believe in honesty, in equal opportunity in life and in health and environment protection. We offer the best quality on the market at competitive prices. All our products are shipped worldwide for free. We respect the Apple brand by not offering Apple logo cut out on our cases.

Please come and visit our website and see with your own eyes which design would suit you the most.

Sincery yours,

Genevieve from Make it COLOURFUL

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