Growing up in today’s modern world can be a daunting task. Through the increase in media consumption, as a direct result of rapid technological advancements, children of today are confronted, on a daily basis, with the harsh realities of an often, all too cruel, world.  Gone are the days where kids just got to be kids, escaping from difficult situations, by diving deeper into their imagination, where the most wonderous things were possible. Nowadays, kids grow up far too quickly, and all too often become bitter at the cold grey world they find themselves living in.As a child, in this modern age, instead of enjoying my carefree youth, I instead, often found myself reflecting internally on my role in the world and what I might to do lighten things up and improve the lives of those around me, something I would continue to ponder on, late into my adult years.

Then it hit me. Like a bolt of lightning. What this world, which had become so dark and dreary needed, what I needed, what those around me needed, was more colour in their lives! Ask anyone and you’ll likely be unsurprised to discover that everyone has a favourite colour. A colour that makes them smile, that holds significance to them on a personal level, that symbolizes to them freedom and happiness, in a way that words could simply never hope to be able to express. And so, it was, that in 2016, my brand Make it COLOURFUL was born, with the sole purpose to connect children around the world, inspiring them to embrace the colour in life and share it amongst their peers! 

At Make it COLOURFUL we offer a highly personalized range of customizable Apple device protection items and Personal Protection Equipment (PPE). At first glance, this may seem like an unusual offering, but my decision to sell such items is fuelled by both my background as a specialist in Environment and health & safety and my time spent designing homes for my previous customers, back when I was living and working in China.

Here at Make it COLOURFUL we detest mass-produced items, instead of holding firm to the belief that as individuals, we all deserve to express ourselves in uniquely individual ways, including the products we purchase. We offer an amazing range of designs, created by both myself and other talented artists we work with, to ensure that each product we sell, stands apart, distinct from all others, as a unique piece of art.

We at Make it COLOURFUL want to instill a sense of duty into children, who are the future of the world, to respect and take care of our beloved planet, for the generations of children who are yet to be born! We believe that by opening their eyes to the colourful world,’ around them, through reigniting their creativity and imagination, they’ll be inspired to protect it as they enter adulthood, rather than growing to despise it!

Key to my company ethos is an altruistic desire to protect the environment and aid in the healing of our fragile planet, which we all find ourselves living on. Whilst many of our products are made from plastic, which is acknowledged by many scientists to be bad for the environment, we, unlike many of our competitors, make a concerted effort to counterbalance the negative effects of using such non-recyclable materials in our products, by donating to environmental charities, such as Trees for the Future! Our high-quality products are not only built for durability, to ensure a long-lasting, rather than being single-use items only but to cheer up your heart. We believe by ensuring the durability of our products, we remove the need for mass production, thus reducing the amount of these materials that we use.