My name is Genevieve and I am French Canadian. I came to Hong Kong with my two teenage daughters and my Chinese husband for more than 5 years ago after spending almost 10 years in China. My daughters are attending an International School that uses the MacBook laptops as a key learning tool.

What gave me the inspiration to launch Make it colourful® in 2016 was definitely my passion for ALL the colours and the need to bring them to my life. Make it colourful® is a mix of Home Decoration and Self-Protection items as well as Environmental ideology. My strong desire to reduce wastes and protect our children comes directly from my background experience as a specialist in Health and Safety and Environment.

As long as I can remember, my Home Decoration interest has been always there, nourished by a long time relationship between the beauty, the colors and the harmony around me. I have developed an expertise in that area a few years ago in China while I was designing home and filling them with unique furniture and decoration pieces for my very special customers.

I have started my journey at Make it colourful® by creating these wonderful and high-quality collections of MacBook hardcovers with the nicest colorful designs that attract our children and young heart adults and create true happiness. Children intrinsically love colours and they are easily connecting with each other through their passions. This is so important that we help to connect our children together as they will become our front line that will fight to save the future of our planet.

We have now more than 90 cheerful and colorful designs, all kid's approved. Not only they can be personalized with your child's name on it, but our designs are specially created to cheer up your child and to build their passion and self-esteem!

We can print our designs on any size of MacBook laptop, one by one, to avoid overproduction and waste to the environment. The cases are coated with a special rubberized finish to provide anti-slippery properties to the cases. We also offer additional protection such as a colorful padded laptop sleeve, silicone keyboard protectors, blue light screen protectors, and our famous BioVibes chips against the harmful electromagnetic radiations brought by the 5G technology. All our products have been tested and proven working.

I will soon add other decoration items like cushions that are coming from our association to the best fluid artists in the world. This part of the story is to be followed.

At Make it colourful®, we consider our customers as all very special and unique that deserve the best designs and quality on the market. We believe in honesty, equal opportunity in life, and in health and environment protection. We offer competitive prices and all our products are shipped worldwide for free. We respect the Apple brand by not offering the Apple logo cut out on our cases. We also support Trees for The Future, an organization that has for mission to improve the livelihoods of impoverished farmers by revitalizing degraded lands.