Mother's Day Really Special Thought

With Mother’s Day coming up, many people are trying to figure out the perfect way to make their moms feel special. This can be especially challenging once kids are older and perhaps living away from their families. But with a couple thoughtful touches, you can be sure her day is special! Here are a few ways to make sure your mom knows how much you love her on Mother’s Day (and every day after):


As nice as phone calls and text messages are, sometimes moms just want to see their loved ones faces! Do your best to switch up your communication methods with mom, and get in some video time especially on special days and holidays. You can trade off between one-on-one videos to get some quality time together, and group videos where you include the whole family. That is a wonderful way to show them the whole family cares enough to take time and be together.


When you live apart, it can be difficult to remember to share all your various life updates with parents and family. It can be especially tricky to find time during the most exciting changes, like promotions, a move, or a new family pet. But keeping your mom in the loop is an important part of making her feel close and involved in your life, even from a distance. Before you speak to your mother on Mother’s Day, think about all the exciting things that have happened and make sure you share – she will love to celebrate with you!


While flowers and gift cards are nice, they don’t necessarily let a person know that you picked out something special just for them. Before you pick up a gift at the nearest corner store, take a minute to really think about your mom’s interests, needs, and her favorite things. Maybe you will consider something that reminds your mom of a special memory you two have together. Or maybe you’ll find the perfect thing to help make her life a little bit easier and give her some extra time in her day (what mom wouldn’t love that!). Whatever you pick out for her will be something she cherishes forever, so be sure to pick something thoughtful!


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