How to Help Your Child Adapt to a New Routine

Schools in Hong Kong and around the world are closing their doors, and requiring students to study from home to prevent the spread of the Coronavirus. While our children’s health is rightfully the top priority, transitioning from a traditional classroom setting to being at home full-time can be a difficult adjustment for everyone involved. Here are a few ways to ease the transition and adapt to their new, at-home routine: 

Designate a Specific Space

When you’re working or studying from home for the first time, it can be tempting to move through the house or cozy up in your bed. However, to be truly productive, you need a space that is conducive to your work.
Set up a space that can become your child’s ‘school’ area, and make sure it’s stocked with everything they will need for their academic day. Not only will that prevent them from getting distracted – it also begins to train their brain that when they’re in the ‘school’ space, it’s time to focus and work hard.

Stick to an Age-Appropriate Schedule

With teachers adapting to online teaching (some for the very first time), most aren’t able to create a schedule that will be exactly the same every single day. While it can be challenging for children and teens to adjust to a routine that switches constantly, there are a couple things you can do to help.
For older kids, online classes can be a great thing – it allows them to focus on the work and not on other distractions. However, they will still crave some amount of social time – so be generous with how much calling or texting they can do (after school hours). 
For the younger kids, physically staying in their chair for a full day of online classes can be difficult. So help them incorporate small breaks to better hold their attention. Whether its recess outside (either on their own or at a safe distance from other kids) or even just a couple seconds to shake out their hands and feet, a little movement can go a long way.

Remind Them that Change Can Be Fun

Children often pick up on the fear and apprehension their parents feel. When your schedule is changed due to a health crisis, it’s especially easy to feel overwhelmed or anxious. Combat these feelings for your child by positioning this change in routine as both temporary and exciting. 
When they know it’s temporary, they will remember they are still working towards the same goals they had in the classroom. They will still have finals, presentations, grades, etc., so they should take this time seriously. 
But it’s also a unique opportunity – most school children never experience learning from their own home, perhaps in close proximity to their family. Use this as a chance to experience their learning style, see how they process information, and further develop your relationship!

It will take patience and resilience to go through this adversity time. Meanwhile, be careful. Do not relax your guard. Covid 9 affects everyone worldwide now and major measures are taken by many countries. We, as a citizen, have a duty towards the other human being. The nature of the virus shows that no one is indefectible and this can affect anybody being personal or a relative. Take care my dear customers and take this time to order whatever is missing in your device or personal protection. And remember that

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