✦ It is now scientifically established that the EMF’s represents a real danger to the health of wireless networks as well as Long Term Evolution (4G LTE): Obvious correlation has been made between EMF’s and the risk of headache, chronic fatigue, stress, tinnitus, insomnia, cancer, irritability, autism, infertility, and more.
✦ The BioVibes chips are 100% natural, a Canadian product (www.biovibes.ca) and a life-time reusable solution against the electromagnetic radiations (EMF's). Make it COLOURFUL is the official representant of BioVibes in Asia and Australia.
✦ The chips have been properly designed for each radiation source being a smartphone, a laptop, a tablet or a router.
✦ It has been scientifically tested in labs and proven to efficiently absorb at 100% the EMF's surrounding a device that would be protected by a BioVibes chip and this, up to a radius of 1 meter around the source. The best professional to be able to test this on you are the Kinesiologists.
✦ The COVID-19 situation, with its confinement and social distancing constraints, has precipitated the deployment of the new 5G Air Interface Technology. With speeds of up to 100 gigabits per second, 5G is set to be as much as 100 times faster than 4G. This new interface, which uses a millimeter-wave spectrum, enables more devices to be used within the same geographic area; 4G can support about 4,000 devices per square kilometer, whereas 5G will support around one million. And this technology is already available in many countries including Hong Kong.
✦ With our children of all ages spending hours in front of their computers and laptops from school online learning, it is now a must to protect their brain and soft tissues from an over exposition to EMF's with the proper BioVibes Chip for each one of theirs devices.

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Cell Phone Chip from BioVibes
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Laptop, Tablet and Router Chip from BioVibes
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