Anti Blue Light Screen Protector For MacBook Screens

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Compatible with MacBook Models A1369, A1425, A1466, A1502, A1706, A1707, A1708, A1932, A1989

Transparent Screen Protector to be applied on the screen of your MacBook laptop the same way you apply the screen protectors on your phone.

- Blocks Excessive Harmful Blue Light

- Reduces Eye Fatigue and Eye Strain

- Anti-Fingerprints

- Anti-Static

- Rigidity 5H

- No Residual Glue

- Premium Clear

- Removable

The package includes one Blue-Ray Screen Protector, one wet towel to clean the screen prior to installing the protector, one cloth towel to dry the screen and one dust removal to remove any visible dust prior to installing the protector.

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