About us

Established in Hong Kong, in 2016, the Make it COLOURFUL brand was originally conceived by entrepreneur Genevieve Rouleau, as a means to bring joy into the lives of those around her, whilst simultaneously providing a service that was currently unavailable, but one which people were desperately crying out for! Offering a combination of Apple devices protections items and personal protection equipment (PPE), whilst harnessing her expertise in these fields, Genevieve set about creating this website in order to sell her uniquely artistic products worldwide to people, in the hopes that these highly individualized and customizable products would bring a little colour into people’s otherwise grey worlds. Her battle cry, to Make it COLOURFUL was heard worldwide, strongly resonating with people from all walks of life, connecting hundreds of people and children together, and since 2016, Make it COLOURFUL has continued to flourish as a company, now offering its services to customers on a global scale and even FREE SHIPPING for any two purchased cases. At the forefront of the company’s global initiatives is the strong desire to counterbalance any environmental costs of using plastic or other material in their products. One of the ways in which this is accomplished is through donations to environmental charities, such as Trees for the Future!